Hey, I'm Paudge, an Art & Creative Director with almost 30 years’ experience throughout which I’ve enjoyed creating break-through communications for local and international brands - big and small.
Formerly Creative Director at DDFH&B (JWT) for 12 years, my focus is now on partnering directly with food & drinks brands to create and build inspiring and famous brands.
And why food & drink? Well, because - put simply - I’m someone who genuinely loves food. I think that enthusiasm and affinity comes across in all my work and helps deliver for clients.
1. The proof is in the pudding With a proven track record, I bring a variety of Ad Effectiveness & Creative awards for blue-chip brands to the table - National Lottery for Lotto, Scratch cards and the Money Multiplier launch, eircom, Failte Ireland, Jacob’s Creek, Surf and eir to name a few.
2. A la carte Creative vs Agency Set Menu There’s a lot of fat on agency fees. Extended teams that you’re often needlessly paying for attending every meeting. With me, you can trim off those excess costs while I focus exclusively on delivering high quality and strategically focussed creative.
3. Five-star ambitions Your brand image matters. It should differentiate, inspire, connect. What it should never do is be ignored.  It’s why I love to partner with ambitious clients who are striving to create brands that truly stand out from their competition and who see creativity as an invaluable tool in achieving this.
4. The perfect cocktail While I can expertly answer your creative needs across multiple channels - digital marketing, experiential, print, TV, and internal & external branding – there will be times when delivery will demand other inputs. Happily, for almost 30 years I've been working with the best people around which means partnering with the perfect photographer, illustrator, web developer, copywriter, or strategist - is just a phone call away.
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